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Internship Application Information

Blogger Internship Application Information



Firstly, thank you for your interest in our internship. We know many of you have busy schedules and still strive to improve upon yourself and your skillsets.

We are looking to fill a single internship position for our blog.

This is an unpaid internship position, requiring less than a few hours of work per month. The period of the internship will last until the end of the school calendar year. During this period, the intern will receive guidance and assistance from a nationally ranked sales person and a professional marketer with a business focused bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of the internship, the individual will also receive a professional letter of recommendation. All work completed during this internship can be used in the individual’s portfolio.

The role: Blogger

The duties involved: Monthly blog posts centered around ideas brainstormed among the team.

The requirements: Self driven individual looking to begin or improve their standing in the business world. This individual should already have the basic understanding of formatting and citation capabilities, with the ability to incorporate them seamlessly into a work of writing.



Apply by sending us an email with your name and attached resume. A cover letter is not required, but is appreciated. The resume should include but is not limited to the following: previous writing experience, average literary arts/English class grades, extra-curricular or work activity, a brief description of the individual’s background and future goals.

Send your application to —

Thank you for your time!